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Discreet - This being the key word to Brophy Films when it comes to weddings. Going out of my way not to be seen during a wedding, being in the background means I can capture the laughs of everyone involved without them being conscious of a camera. For speeches I try to go back as far as I can and during the dancing I stay in one spot where i can record everything so I'm not going around the floor as you have your first dance.


Natural - Letting the day flow as naturally as possible and not having to stage everything makes for a much more fun and enjoyable day for you, your family and your guests. The best compliment I receive from previous couples is that they never noticed me during their wedding.

Cinematic - My work is a combination of artistic compositions with a creative documentary style. I aim to capture peoples personalities. Only ever using one cameraman at a wedding you can see from our videos everything can be capture while still remain unobtrusive and discreet.

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